Talkback is a smart infosec resource aggregator, designed to help security enthusiasts, practitioners and researchers be more productive.

The system works by continuously monitoring several resource mediums for infosec news and publications, parses all content, classifies and hydrates the data-set, then presents this via a simple UI.

A couple of the key interfaces in Talkback are:

  • Chronicles that provides a snapshot view for a given week or month.
  • Resources that allows drilling down and browsing the Talkback library.

For more information on how Talkback works and its key features, see our blog post Keeping up with the Pwnses - an overview of Talkback.

Talkback is a project developed by elttam  .

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Introducing a New Vulnerability Class: False File Immutability — Elastic Security Labs sys exp

Discussion on Windows vulnerability class False File Immutability (FFI) highlights how design flaws can lead to security vulnerabilities, demonstrating exploitation potential in Windows 11 kernel and emphasizing the importance of filesystem drivers in enforcing access rights.

Resurrecting Internet Explorer: Threat Actors Using Zero-day Tricks in Internet Shortcut File to Lure Victims (CVE-2024-38112) exp sys net

Threat actors exploit Windows users through novel tricks with .url files, leveraging retired Internet Explorer and a special mhtml trick for remote code execution, prompting the release of a Microsoft patch (CVE-2024-38112) for protection.

Chaining Three Bugs to Access All Your ServiceNow Data app

Assetnote customers were granted early access to a mitigation for a vulnerability in ServiceNow, a platform for business transformation, which allowed for full database access and access to configured MID servers, with ServiceNow promptly responding by applying updates and patches to address the issues.

Mythic 3.3 Beta: Rise of the Events

Mythic 3.3 introduces a public Beta phase with bug fixes, new features, and enhanced customization options for automated tasks and authentication processes.

How to Install LineageOS on Your Android Device sys

LineageOS is an open-source Android distribution enabling users to update and customize older devices, with installation involving risks like data loss and bricking, requiring specific tools and steps, and offering support through guides and forums.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 RCE (Fixed in Jul Patch) exp

Video demonstrating Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 RCE issue fixed in July patch, with a PoC by Nguyen Jang, gaining 494 views in 4 hours, who also covers Exchange TabShell RCE and Sharepoint Post-Auth Deserialization RCE topics.

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